Olive oil and Mediterranean cuisine The olive tree, Olea europaea, has been cultivated for olive oil , fine wood, olive leaf , and the olive fruit. Semiripe or turning-colour olives are picked at the beginning of the ripening cycle, when the colour has begun to change from green to multicolour shades of red to brown. Only the skin is coloured, as the flesh of the fruit lacks pigmentation at this stage, unlike that of ripe olives. Black olives or ripe olives are picked at full maturity when fully ripe. They are found in assorted shades of purple to brown to black. Generally speaking, phenolics reach their peak in young fruit and are converted as the fruit matures. The result is table olives which can be stored without refrigeration.

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Course Theme Reading List Students: Below you will find a reading list that includes 62 references on the theme and topics you will discuss and research in this class in preparation for the Course Project. Although you are not required to read all 62 of the references, you should plan to dedicate sufficient time to retrieve and preview sources on topics that are of interest to you.

The list of readings will help you narrow a topic for your Course Project. These selections should be the first ones that you consult as you explore potential topics and begin your research process. Read and review the selections on topics that you are considering.

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Everyone was desperate to escape the very stereotypical Scottish weather and, once safely inside, the mediaeval history department did indeed provide very welcome shelter from the dreich and dreary day. The beautiful and imposing Cambo House provided the lucky students with the venue for the School of History PhD Induction Day and we were led to an ornate drawing room, which was to be our base for the day. There we were welcomed by staff and current PhD students: The first order of the day was refreshment:

The ACM Digital Library is a research, discovery and networking platform containing: The Full-Text Collection of all ACM publications, including journals, conference proceedings, technical magazines, newsletters and books. A collection of curated and hosted full-text publications from select publishers.

The country was formerly known as Persia. Mount Damavand, Elburz mountains, Iran Image: Most of the country is situated on the Iranian Plateau a geological formation in Western and Central Asia , with the exception of the coastal regions at the Caspian Sea and the Khuzestan Province in south west at the Persian Gulf. In north is the Elburz or Alborz mountain range that stretches from the border of Azerbaijan along the western and entire southern coast of the Caspian Sea.

Mount Damavand at 5, m 18, ft , Iran’s highest mountain, is located in the Elburz mountain range. The country has a population of 79 million people in [ 1 ]. Largest city and capital is Tehran. Official religion is Shia Islam. Iran is historically known as Persia, the Persian Empire was one of the greatest empires of the ancient world with a series of imperial dynasties.

The empire also was frequently invaded, first by Alexander the Great, then by the Parthians, later ruled by the Hellenistic Seleucid Empire. Iran’s hereditary monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, fled the country in after decades of corrupt and authoritarian rule, and mounting religious and political unrest. Exiled Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to lead an Islamic revolution and formed the world’s first Islamic republic the same year.

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“The walled mosaics of Panayia Kanakaria, dating back to the sixth century AD, are highly important works of art and among the few remaining early Christian mosaics .

He said the operations would take place back-to-back and begin in the second half of ExxonMobil with Qatar Petroleum has signed a licence agreement with the Cyprus government to explore block 10 for oil and gas as part of a third licensing round to exploit new offshore plots. US firm Noble Energy made the first find off southeast Cyprus in in the Aphrodite field Block 12 , estimated to contain Israeli firms Delek and Avner have a percent stake in the venture. Italian-South Korean venture ENI-Kogas has so far failed to discover any exploitable gas reserves in deep-sea drilling off the island.

Block 12 has been declared commercially viable but an action plan on the next steps has yet to be finalised. Cyprus needs to find more gas reserves to make a planned onshore terminal financially viable as it seeks to become a regional energy player. It had planned to build a liquefied natural gas plant that would allow exports by ship to Asia and Europe, but the reserves confirmed so far are insufficient to make that feasible.

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Share Tweet Cyprus has welcomed home a rare sixth-century mosaic more than four decades after it was looted from a church, Cypriot authorities said on Tuesday. The mosaic was stolen from the church of Panayia Kanakaria in northern Cyprus following the Turkish invasion in It was one of several icons looted from the church during this time.

Dutch art investigator Arthur Brand tracked down the mosaic in Monaco after a nearly two-year chase across Europe. It was handed over to the Cypriot antiquities department and the Church of Cyprus during a private ceremony Sunday in The Hague. Dubbed the “Indiana Jones of the art world” because of his exploits to recover stolen works, Brand won world fame in after finding two massive bronze statues made by Nazi sculptor Joseph Thorak that are referred to as “Hitler’s Horses”.

He told AFP the Cypriot mosaic depicting the Byzantine saint “was in the possession of a British family, who bought the mosaic in good faith more than four decades ago”. The Byzantine-era mosaic, believed to have been made around AD, was one of many that adorned the walls of the Panayia Kanakaria church northwest of the capital, Nicosia. According to the Cypriot department of antiquities it was “violently detached and stolen from the church, between by the Turkish looter and art dealer Aydin Dikmen” along with other mosaics.

Cyprus has been divided since when Turkey invaded and seized its northern third in response to an Athens-engineered coup to unite the island with Greece.

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The ninth patriarch of the Sethite line, grandson of Mathusala and son of Lamech, who with his family was saved from the Deluge and thus became the second father of the human race Genesis 5: The name Noah was give to him because of his father’s expectation regarding him. Others rather fancifully see in them a reference to Noah’s future discovery of wine, which cheers the heart of man ; whilst others again, with greater probability, take them as expressing merely a natural hope on the part of Lamech that his son would become the support and comfort of his parents, and enable them to enjoy rest and peace in their later years.

Amid the general corruption which resulted from the marriages of “the sons of God ” with “the daughters of men” Genesis 6: Hence, when God decreed to destroy men from the face of the earth, he “found grace before the Lord”. According to the common interpretation of Genesis 6: After he reached the age of five hundred years three sons, Sem, Cham, and Japheth, were born to him 6: These had grown to manhood and had taken wives, when Noah was informed of God’s intention to destroy men by a flood, and received directions to build an ark in which he and his wife, his sons and their wives, and representatives, male and female, of the various kinds of animals and birds, were to be saved 6: How long before the Deluge this revelation was imparted to him, it is impossible to say; it can hardly have been more than seventy-five years cf.

Noah had announced the impending judgement and had exhorted to repentance 2 Peter 2: Seven days before the waters began to cover the earth, Noah was commanded to enter the ark with his wife, his three sons and their wives, and to take with him seven pairs of all clean, and two pairs of all unclean animals and birds 7: It has been objected that, even though the most liberal value is allowed for the cubit, the ark would have been too small to lodge at least two pairs of every species of animal and bird.

After leaving the ark Noah built an altar, and taking of all clean animals and birds, offered holocausts upon it. God accepted the sacrifice, and made a covenant with Noah, and through him with all mankind, that He would not waste the earth or destroy man by another deluge.

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Share The Hebrew name to designate Noah’s Ark, the one which occurs again in the history of Moses’ childhood, suggests the idea of a box of large proportions, though the author of Wisdom terms it a vessel Wisdom The same conclusion is reached from the dimensions attributed to it by the Bible narrative: The form, very likely foursquare, was certainly not very convenient for navigation, but, as has been proven by the experiments of Peter Jansen and M. Vogt, it made the Ark a very suitable device for shipping heavy cargoes and floating upon the waves without rolling or pitching.

The Ark was constructed of gofer wood, or cypress, smeared without and within with pitch, or bitumen, to render it water-tight. The interior contained a certain number of rooms distributed among three stories. The text mentions only one window, and this measuring a cubit in height, but there existed possibly some others to give to the inmates of the Ark air and light.

A door had also been set in the side of the Ark; God shut it from the outside when Noah and his family had gone in.

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