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He arrived on Sunday, September 2nd at 9: His name was kept as a surprise for two reasons: I had an appointment on Tuesday, August 28th, as mentioned in my last bumpdate. Jerry left work early to meet me. The ultrasound went well and the tech predicted that he was 6 pounds, 14 ounces. Our NST also took quite awhile as the nurse had some trouble tracking his heart rate due to movement. She eventually brought in another nurse who successfully found him.

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Fighting to survive aboard a badly damaged spacecraft. Drugged teenagers wander around the forest during a blizzard. The Starfighters was really an advertisement for a series of fighter planes shot as a movie. The movie has almost no conflict whatsoever. The closest the film has to an antagonist is the Congressman, whose son is a part of the Starfighter project against his wishes, but he never does anything other than call his son or the CO to try to talk them into reassigning him.

Konzen, from Saiyuki, like his later incarnation, Sanzo, is very pretty but has a permanent , his surrogate son, thinks he’d be beautiful if he did smile. Subverted, though, as when he finally does Goku decides it doesn’t suit him at all, even though it is a completely genuine loving smile.

The Helsing Corps only showed up when someone didn’t stay dead. Do you hear that? I nearly gave up! If you liked Fatal Frame, you would like this. Even though I only played 15 minutes of that game, it was enough to permanently scar my brain for the rest of my life. My little brother can attest to this While this book may not have been as scary as that intense, more like it has ghosts and scenes that would likely give you goosebumps all the same.

Ghosts here mean business. And by business, I mean gouged eyes Don’t you just wish we can go back to that time when ghosts were only good for peek-a-boos?

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This has obviously become an incendiary post, to the point of going viral. Likewise, every MGTOW battle cry and every stat you guys use to drive your confirmation bias has already been brought up and respectfully responded to most of which several times. Please read this other post before commenting to gain clarity on my gender-neutral position on human behavior.

An intelligent satire on writing screenplays, pitting inspired work against Hollywood cookie-cutter and commercial pressures. The uptight, tormented Barton is whisked away to Hollywood to write a pointless b-movie after his plays become a success, and he finds himself in .

YMMV Sometimes your inner demons are all the conflict you need Villains are supposed to help drive the plot, right? They provide the biggest obstacle for the protagonist to overcome. They give the audience something to channel their hate towards with terribly evil actions such as genocide, kidnapping, world-conquering, and kicking of puppies. Usually, this is the case Except, of course, when they don’t happen to be present at all.

Since all fiction essentially narrows down to conflict between two or more opposing forces, it is typical to represent these forces in the story’s characters, with one faction called the protagonists or main characters—usually but not always being the “good guys” from the perspective of the work, at least —and another in opposition to the protagonists called the antagonists, who are usually but not always the “bad guys” again, from the perspective of the work, at least.

Some stories, however, are cut from a different thread. Rather than representing the conflict as the “good guys” against the “bad guys”, the central conflict is caused by other forces and does not feature characters in direct opposition to the protagonists. Instead, the forces at work are more intangible and not bound to a set of characters.

This doesn’t mean that there is no conflict or tension—otherwise there wouldn’t be a story. It simply means that the central conflict of the work has no characters who are a defined source of friction. As long as there are no “bad guys” directly opposing the main characters, this trope applies.

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Wondering what your favorite streaming services are adding to their offerings each month? With a new year here and plenty to stream, we understand that things can get a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to watch. Here are the best things coming to your favorite platforms this January. Kick things off with the first installment and follow the Corleones, an organized crime family led by Don Vito Marlon Brando , as the dynasty is transferred into the hands of his reluctant son Michael Al Pacino.

The fifth installment of this nautical franchise sees Sparrow search for the trident of Poseidon while an undead sea captain Javier Bardem and his crew follow close behind. With action, romance, and suspense to boot, this is a fitting potential end to the franchise as we know it.

Second only to Chanel 5 edp, this is my go to me it is all Demon. Like an angler fish at a distance there is a sweet little soft glow, a little citrus, mostly lilly, but up close the woods and vanillia jump up for a big sultry smokey bite.

Like an angler fish at a distance there is a sweet little soft glow, a little citrus, mostly lilly, but up close the woods and vanillia jump up for a big sultry smokey bite. My guy loves this on- especially when all the top n mid notes have burned off at the end of the day and there’s just the throb of base notes Oct marinpatrisia In the dry down it’s like you went through a windstorm down from a motorcycle.

Oct Lua89 A pretty vanilla floral. As someone else said there is no demon about this fragrance, just a cute and soft perfume. I don’t know if they reformulated it or what but my bottle has virtually no sillage. I think if you apply four of five sprays it can be better. This one was a disappointment.

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It will load slowly for those with slow modems, and not in its entirety for those with very small memories. Copyright , , by Magic Dragon Multimedia. May not be reproduced without permission. May be posted electronically provided that it is transmitted unaltered, in its entirety, and without charge. Because it was the first and most successful of three children’s science fiction shows that seduced kids into the axioms of the Space Opera genre, the other two being “Space Patrol” and “Tom Corbett–Space Cadet.

Is there anything creepier than a ventriloquist’s dummy? You can keep your spiders, snakes and all the other members of the extended family of phobias.

This smile is perceived as beautiful Other people experience an increase in their affection for this character On rare occasions this can be played with a character who typically shows an insincere smile such as a Stepford Smiler or a Smug Smiler who then has a sincere smile. In-Universe Examples Only , please. Do not include Audience Reactions.

In several points — such as after being saved by Shinji from dying in a volcano, shielding Shinji from Matarael or in the last scene of the final chapter — Asuka smiles sincerely. And in Episode 6, after Shinji tearfully berates Rei for risking her life for his just because she considers herself expendable and she expresses confusion at how to respond, he tells her to try smiling Ayame, who has always lived in the shadow of her older sister Ibuki and feels like her efforts are never appreciated, so when main character Yoichi compliments her cooking, even after her admittance that she had had help from younger sister Kagome, the smile she gives is such that both Yoichi and her three sisters are stunned silent.

Attack on Titan has Levi always look stoic and angry, pretty much all the time. However in the OVA when he does crack a smile, it’s pretty amazing and heartwarming. And then when he smiles in the main chapter, it leaves everyone present absolutely stunned.

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Behind the weirdness of her videos is a disturbing story: The mind control of a young pop star. The experience was, to say the least, perplexing. Her singles Lowlife and Money were heavily promoted by the label and obtained significant radio and TV airplay. While her official VEVO channel contains the few music videos she released on Island Records, That Poppy also stars in a separate YouTube channel where bizarre, absurdist videos are uploaded on a regular basis. But, as the videos progress, themes associated with Monarch mind control and the satanic occult elite begin surfacing.

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Super Mario may engage in level after level of first degree koopacide, but fortunately Nintendo had the good sense to keep the mayhem safe and sanitary. Even fighting games — where the entire object of the genre is to deliver brain damage and internal hemorrhaging against your opponent, pummeling them until they’re too weak to throw a single fireball — are pretty safe to play in front of any crowd.

Plus your mom thinks Zangief is cute. And seriously, with chest hair like that , who wouldn’t? But then there are the others. Some games are simply too weird, too bizarre, too dirty, too rude, or just too terrible to play in front of your loved ones. Turn the following games on in front of your family at your own risk. The Fractured But Whole and Stick of Truth If you know anything about South Park, you already know why its video games couldn’t possibly be played around parents, except maybe the absolute most open-minded among them.

Stick, for example, features a scene where your character, the New Kid, gets shrunk down to the size of a mouse.

The Murders That Haunt The Lizzie Borden House