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It has a 4 wire connector to my car but one of the wires on the trailer connector was worn out and probably not working. So I got a new 4 prong connector for the trailer but that 4 wire adapter goes to 6 wires on the trailer. This particular trailer has what I call “surround” lights in addition to turn signals and brake lights. So, one wire is “common” and I’ve used alligator clips to hook up and test what the other 5 wires do. One of them does nothing and I think it’s because one of the connections in the back are not connected and today I’m going to try and take off the back panel to get to the lights the light fixture itself is riveted on. So, what should each of the wires do and how should I hook them up to my 4 wire system? Also the brake and turn signals are the same bulb just different filaments. I call them the “small filament” and the “big filament” even though they are the same size.

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Fuse Holder optional Step 1: Open up the cover that way in the back behind the gas and break pedals. Use the wire clothes hanger take it apart and wrap the LED strip electric wires around it so it can push the wire up thought the hole and reach it near the battery. Make sure to leave enough slack on the other end in order to have enough room to work with.

Setting Up a New Business If you want to use individual LED lights you will need to connect resistors with them that match the voltage, amperage and wattage of the circuit you’re creating.

Close the switch and you short the supply. What “goes on the end” is of course the power feed, a plug for 12v molex or onboard header. The switch should be in the red lead right after the positive side of the source, with the reds of all the LEDS tied together after that; and all the black leads tied together and connected directly to the negative of the source. All LEDs produced for PCs have a built in current limiting resistor, so they usually can be directly connected to anything between 3 volts and 12 volts.

If not then to ohms should be added in series. The same voltage appears at each unit.


If you plan on night excursions with friends running the river banks or hunting while using high output lights and listening to the CD player you need to consider several options that will help your batteries stand up to the requirements. You must either connect your golf cart lights to one battery, which gives you 8-volts lights do not burn as brightly as they could but they will last a long time or connect to two batteries, which gives you volts lights burn very brightly but they will not last as long as they should.

Neither of these voltages 8 or 16 will support a CD, tape or radio system. DO NOT wire the ground to the frame of the car…run the ground wire back to the negative post on the appropriate battery. A frame ground is never recommended on any electric vehicle.

Dec 24,  · how do i hook up my 12v led strip to my car. i need help. if i hook it to my battery will it stay on all the time. or can i hook it to a headlight or blinker light Follow 10 answers 10Status: Resolved.

Because the LED lights use the same current — direct current — as the speaker wire does to transmit the sound, you can tap the lights into the speaker output so they will flash in time with the music. Note that this will reduce the power going to your speakers as some of the energy will be turned into light. One alternative is to wire the lights to a separate speaker channel. Power off the sound system.

Disconnect the speaker from the sound system at the sound system. Remove the cover of the speaker box. Plot out where you want to install the lights.

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How to Wire the Turn Signal Indicator in the Dash January 27, The turn signal system in a vehicle is one of the more important safety systems in the car. It indicates which way you’ll be turning and can help to prevent accidents by signaling to other drivers on the road when the driver will be changing their course unexpectedly. Having a functioning turn signal indicator is, therefore, a crucial component of a safe driving experience.

Additionally, a car dashboard turn signal indicator that works properly is also required by law to drive throughout the United States. In order to properly set up a turn signal indicator, you’ll need to wire the indicator in your dashboard to the proper lights and locations in the car.

I wired my 50″ led light bar up with the wiring harness supplied with and the switch also, but the red light on the switch stays on when off position it lights up green when on. My question is should the red light ALWAYS be on even with key in off position?

One being a projector headlight, because most cars don’t come equipped from the factory with projectors, they usually just have regular reflective headlights. And two, most aftermarket headlight have what are called “Halos” or “Angel Eyes”. This feature is very popular because of it gives regular cars a very distinctive look. This feature can only be found on most high end BMW’s. Real aftermarket Halos lights will require a separate connection, because most cars don’t come with Halos from the factory, so your vehicle won’t have a plug or harness for it.

So here are some tips on installing aftermarket halo headlight into your vehicle. First let me show you what a typical Halo connection looks like on most aftermarket lights.

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Jan 03,  · Three Ways to Light Up a Garage Shop. By Chuck Cage On January 3, · 20 Comments over the two-car bay. It lights the place up brightly, and doesn’t use much more energy than the original fluorescents. it’s worth looking into led lighting. A bright light can look no more than a dot 2mm square but bang a few of these.

CCC dashed 0px; padding-bottom: Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand that car is an important part of your life, here we will help you find the best parts to make your car looks and rides better than everyone else. We will do our best to bring you a great shopping experience. Direct fit LED daytime running lights also known as DRLs are aftermarket replacement assemblies that replace a factory bezel or light assembly for a subtle, yet noticeable improvement over stock that will leave others to wonder if it came from factory like that.

Facelifts and other upgrades are often made to production vehicles after they are released to the general public to fix certain issues, improve the look, or refresh the model look. A common change that many models have is the addition of new lights to a part of the vehicle that originally did not have them in the previous generation and years. Our direct fit LED lights blend seamlessly with the existing features of the car and that makes these a very attractive choice for any automotive enthusiast looking for an updated look on their ride.

Many of the modern 21st century European vehicles have an electrical can-bus system that detects when and where a bulb is not properly functioning. Since LED bulbs naturally have less power draw on the system, many European vehicles see this as a fault and as a result, an error message appears. One way to solve this issue would be to add a resistor to the circuit to mimic the power draw of the factory incandescent bulb, but that requires modification of the factory wires which is not something everyone is comfortable with doing.

Error free LED replacement bulbs have built-in resistors inside the LED bulb that prevent unnecessary modifications to be done. LED Angel Eyes were first introduced on the E39 BMW 5-series in the early part of the 21st century and has made a significant impact on the automotive styling culture.

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If you like or this helped you get into your shoes or inspired to do something similar or more creative than please don’t feel shy to VOTE! Now enough of my blah blah As seen from diagram we have 4 LED STRIPS two in front under dashboard and other two for back seat passengers those will be at bottom of front seats one below passenger and other drivers seat. Once the plan is clear we plan for wiring keeping in mind the connectors. Connectors play an important part for connection also for maintenance.

In next image we see 4 connectors two each at front and back i.

My girlfriend got me LED Glow Under-dash Light Kit(also bought from amazon) and i loved it but it didn’t come with any adapter to power the lights.i found this is seconds and it was just what i needed. the wires were long enough to reach the lights and the adapter plugged right up in the cigarette lighter and has worked s:

What is a Relay? A relay is an electrical switch. When you create a circuit a loop of electricity from the battery to your LED Light bar , if you just put a switch between the battery and the light, it will have to be rated for the full current amp draw of the light. Many switches would be able to handle that As a result, you could end up overheating the switch, melting the wires, and reducing the current that is getting to your lights, making them not as bright.

Read more about that below. Kind of cryptic isn’t it. Well if you are just going to use our wiring harness , and switch, you don’t need to know what any of this is, because it comes all pre-wired and plugged in together. Buy a Wiring Harness But if you want to use some sort of electrical current to activate your LED lightbar, like make them come on when you turn your high beams on, or your reverse lights on if you are adding LED backup lights , then you’ll need to do a bit of rework.

First, let’s explain the what these 30, 85, 86, 87 numbers are.

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Toy4Life was specifically asking how to wire them so they go off with the ignition. So, hopefully this write-up will serve as instructions for him and others in the future. I have a single switch on the dash that controls both off-road lights. They are not tied into my regular headlights or fog lights at all. The lights automatically go off when the ignition is turned off.

A car battery can power an LED television and LED lights, especially if they are 12V, quit easily. An old-fashioned TV and incandescent light bulb it can power (through an inverter) much more briefly.

Boot light Obligatory lights are side and tail lights, headlamps main and dipped beams , direction indicators, stop lights and a rear number-plate light. When fitted, reversing lights, fog lights front and rear , long-range driving lights and hazard warning lights should also be working. Wipe all the lenses with a clean cloth, checking them for damage. If a lens is cracked, seal it temporarily with clear adhesive tape, taking care not to obscure more of the glass than absolutely necessary.

Damaged lenses must be replaced as soon as possible, both for safety and to prevent moisture entering the lamp fixture. Water will tarnish the reflector, and corroded connections will soon put the lamp out of action. Checking headlamps A tungsten headlamp is similar to a smaller lamp, but may use up to 45 watts. On many modern cars the headlamp bulb can be reached from inside the bonnet; on others it is necessary to remove the lamp bezel or grille on the front of the car. Failure of a single headlamp is usually confined to either the main beam or the dipped beam.

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