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Offer of Employment with Google Inc. On behalf of Google Inc. The position is located in Mountain View, California. Bonuses under the Company Bonus Plan are discretionary. The actual bonus amount could be larger or smaller than this amount, based on your performance and the performance of the Company. Both your base salary and the components of your bonus are subject to periodic review. This will be taxed as supplemental income. This will also be taxed as supplemental income.

Sample Code of Ethics

Feb 6, Romance in the workplace is nothing new, and neither are the problems that can result. But not all workplace romances cause problems, and in many cases they actually improve productivity and morale. So how should your business handle this touchy subject? Here are some guidelines to consider.

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Revisions and updated information concerning changes in policy will be available online through the MyPace Portal. Copies of the Employee Handbook are available online through the Human Resources website, the Human Resources department, and in campus libraries. Pace University provides to its undergraduates a powerful combination of knowledge in the professions, real-world experience, and a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, giving them the skills and habits of mind to realize their full potential.

We impart to our graduate students a deep knowledge of their discipline and connection to its community. This unique approach has been firmly rooted since our founding and is essential to preparing our graduates to be innovative thinkers who will make positive contributions to the world of the future. Vision We educate those who aspire to excellence and leadership in their professions, their lives, and their communities.

Through teaching, scholarship, and creative pursuits, our faculty foster a vibrant environment of knowledge creation and application.

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Examples of Fraternization in the Workplace by Dale Marshall Outside-the-office relationships often fuel the rumor mill. Fraternization in the workplace is a broad topic. Defined as associating or mingling with others in a friendly or brotherly way, it most commonly means relationships, romantic or otherwise, between people who occupy different levels of authority or power.

This generally means a boss and an employee in the workplace, or a teacher and a student. Fraternization can jeopardize the integrity of the official relationships among people, and many organizations develop policies to discourage it.

SECTION 8 EMPLOYEE CONDUCT CODE OF ETHICS State of Ohio Ethics Law Conflicts of Interest standards and to perform within the laws of the State of Ohio and other policies, CODE OF ETHICS SECTION (CONTINUED) PAGE 2 OF 2 procedures, rules, and regulations, as may be set forth by the Appointing Authority. Examples of proper.

Using a sample employee disciplinary memo to write your own memo can help you find the words to say what must be said in a professional and clear manner. However, when using a disciplinary memo template, be sure your finished document is in compliance with your company’s policies and follows a standard business memo format. Sample Employee Disciplinary Memo If you need to write a disciplinary memo, consider using the sample document below as a guide. Of course, it will need to be edited to meet your needs based on the specific situation with which you are dealing, but it does provide a good starting point.

Click the image to open the printable PDF template in a separate window and save it to your hard drive. Fill in pertinent information to save your changes, and you’ll have the first draft for your memo. If you have any issues working with the document, see this guide for Adobe printables.

Office Romance Policies

Sample attendance policy Sample Payroll Procedures The purpose of this type of policy is to define the company’s pay period, specify pay dates and provide details about payroll taxes and how employees are required to report their time. It’s also advisable to include how garnishments are handled and inform employees of their obligation to keep their address current for tax purposes. Payroll procedures Sample Credit Card Usage Policy If you issue company credit cards to employees, it is imperative to have them sign off on a policy that outlines usage guidelines.

Employers should develop employee handbooks to notify employees of workplace rules, policies and procedures, which set expectations for employee conduct. Handbooks should be written in simple language, kept up-to-date, modified to reflect variations among different employees and universally distributed to all employees.

Employer policies can impact your ability to bring a claim in court and in some cases can create contracts between the employer and employee. To learn more about different types of employer policies and their lawfulness, read below: Does an employer have to follow its own handbook or personnel policy? Some state courts have held that an employer handbook is a contract unless the handbook expressly states that it is not a contract.

If the handbook is deemed to be a contract by the court, then the employer can be liable for breaching that contract if it fails to follow the procedures outlined within the handbook. Additionally handbooks can play an important role in wrongful termination or discrimination suits. If an employers handbook or personnel policies provide procedures to be followed in terms of employee discipline or termination, those procedures should be followed and applied evenly.

For instance, if an employer applies the policies discriminatorily, such as following the handbook for men but not for women, this can be used as evidence of discrimination. Another possible claim an employee may bring if an employer fails to follow discipline or termination policies is a breach of contract claim. State laws vary in evaluating whether a handbook is a contract.

How to Create a Numbering System for Policies & Procedures

I recently tried to get promoted to a managerial position but I was denied because I would be supervising my husband. So I tried applying to a different company but they wouldn’t hire me because my husband works for the competitor. Can they do this? Can my employer fire me for what I do on my own time, outside of work?

A numbering system for policies and procedures assists users in navigating through a paper-based or online manual. A standardized system both provides for logical organization and ensures a user can find information without having to scan every page and heading.

Additionally, I know we share an awareness of the importance of precedent in our decision-making processes and our handling of workplace safety issues in a prudent, responsible, and legally compliant manner. It is my observation that Company does in fact have a workplace-bullying problem. While workplace bullying is completely legal in the United States, it has been cited by the FBI as a precursor to and risk factor for workplace violence; for more information please see: Unless you have an objection, I will draft a sample policy for your review.

As you know, employees do have right to organize under the NLRA. Unless I am unaware of additional information or documentation related to this matter, I recommend that we revisit this situation and seek technical assistance to ensure that we at Company have not made any errors in violation of the NLRA.

What is Wal-Mart’s policy on employees dating?

Purchasing Money handling Beyond this sample code of ethics checklist, it may also include any governmental regulations that guide the ethics of a particular industry. Managing Ethics in the Workplace Once you’ve developed your corporate code of ethics, there’s still the question of managing that document in real life. It’s very hard to ‘enforce’ ethics on individuals, so generally a good manager creates a supportive environment in which ethics can thrive. Developing corporate values is a process.

Within that process there are steps to manifesting those values including organization and motivation. Since a code of ethics doesn’t actually create a product or service, it’s important to remember that measuring its success can be somewhat subjective.

Sample Local Church Policy & Procedures Ministry Protection Contact Information: Mailing Address: P.O. Box permit dating between staff members. With respect to sexual harassment, the Church prohibits: “employee” shall mean “full-time employee” at the Church.

Add other benefits here by listing them if you offer them Holidays The company will grant holiday time-off to employees on the holidays listed below: Add other holidays here by listing them if you offer them Vacation Vacation time-off with pay is available to employees to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits. The amount of paid vacation time an employee receives each calendar year will be communicated at the beginning of the calendar year.

Paid vacation time can be used in minimum increments of one day. To take vacation, employees must request advance approval. Requests will be reviewed based on a number of factors, including business needs and staffing requirements. Vacation time-off is paid at the employee’s base pay rate at the time of vacation. It does not include overtime or any special forms of compensation.

Insubordination – Insubordination in the workplace